Wear the Coat

My favorite piece of clothing is a colorful coat from Anthropologie that I bought in 2012 on 5th avenue in New York City.

It was a sale purchase, but was still a splurge at the time. And to this day, it is my most coveted article of clothing. However, and maybe because I have deemed it as the most special, I have only worn it a handful of times in the last six years. And, only for special occasions.

But this morning, for no reason in particular, I decided to wear the coat to work. I had no meetings, no reason to use an extra ounce of flair, and no reason to don a colorful coat. But I wore it anyway.

In my greater effort to celebrate every day, wearing this coat today was a nod to just that. No day should be seen as mundane. Every day is an opportunity to leave your mark, drink a little champagne and if you have a choice…wear the damn coat.

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