Vegan Fig Bars

When life hands you figs, make vegan fig bars!

My sweet coworker is blessed with a fig tree, and therefore she has a bounty of these delicious juicy gems. She often shares them with us in the office and as fig season is winding down, I thought it was the perfect time to try my hand at making vegan fig bars.

I used this Fig Honey Cheesecake Recipe, and as always, I improvised a bit. Since my food processor is still packed away in storage with our other beautiful wedding gifts, my little magic bullet blender came to the rescue. I used flax seeds over flax meal and I added more coconut oil than the recipe called for to help it blend better. I froze them overnight before cutting them into bite-sized squares for easy consumption and shared them with my coworkers (of course the bearer of the figs got the first try!) the next day.

The end result was a sweet vegan fig treat. My coworkers’ review? They said the little bars were FIGtastic! I’ll call that a win for the day.

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