Monthly Intentions: August 2017

Monthly Intentions

The turning of the calendar is a great time to set monthly intentions and add purpose to the weeks ahead.

As much as it can be hard to believe that 2017 is already half over, the next five months still holds a lot of time and power that can be used to towards continued growth. While I do think there is something nicely ritualistic about setting intentions each new year, I also think it is important to continue to set monthly intentions for things you want to accomplish, energy you want to attract and a mindset you want to create.

In August, I joyously intend to:

  • Use our new sleeping bags. Aka go camping.
  • Make a fancy cocktail.
  • Send a love letter: To a friend.
  • Read this book.
  • Beat my husband in a tennis match.
  • Make my own cashew milk.
  • Run 10 miles. Before work.
  • Create a wild flower arrangement. Then give it away.
  • Get out on a trail. And run.
  • Regularly log out.