I have always* felt it. Well, not always. But often. And when I have felt it, it has been overwhelming. What I am talking about can best be described as MAGIC. And no, I’m not talking about rabbit-out-of-a-hat type of magic. I am talking about a feeling.

The feeling you get when your heart is beating with excitement and you simultaneously are extremely calm because you know you are exactly where you should be at that moment.

The feeling you get when you read a book that lucidly articulates your belief system that you have never been able to put into words.

The feeling when you realize you are moving in the right direction of your purpose.

This is magic to me. And I am getting that feeling now.

I’m pressing publish on my first blog post. A blog I have been thinking about for years and am finally putting into action. I’m doing it now without any expectation or need for anything in return.

But the funny thing is, I also know that what you put out into the universe is returned to you. And that’s the most magical thing of all.

*Do people still tweet anymore?



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