January 2019 Reads

Not only do I love to read, but I believe books are meant to be shared.

I always seem to be reading multiple books at once, and my stack of reads on my nightstand never seems to go down because once I finish one book I add another one to the queue. If you’re curious, here are my January 2019 reads:

  • Theres No Such Thing As Bad Weather: As a new mother, I need all the reminders/parenting advice I can get. Even though we don’t really have bad winters here in sunny Southern California, I was attracted to this book based on the premise that bad weather shouldn’t stop us from taking our children outside. The title of the book, along with the addition of “there’s only bad clothes,” just about sums up the entire message of this book. However, I also loved learning more about Scandanavian culture, including  fika (making time for friends and family to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat) and friluftsliv (open air life). Makes me want to visit Sweden!
  • A Place For Us: Ever since high school I have been a fan of Jhumpa Lahiri, so I was excited to learn about the author of this book, Fatima Farheen Mirza. Like Lahiri, Mirza writes about the Indian immigrant experience in America – which I always find fascinating. This book jumps back and forth between time periods and different family members’s points of views, adding a new layer to the family’s saga with each perspective. I found the book a little slow with no clear direction. I was about to give up on it but the concluding chapter, which finally adds the father’s heart wrenching narrative ties the preceding chapters together…and tugs at your heart.